The "Alternative" Country Club

penllyn, pa    /    est. 1897


Here at Penllyn...

Our members young and old(er) find a simplicity, an escape, a privacy amongst friends and trees—an antidote to the daily grind. 

They come to get away from it all, to slow down and recharge. To appreciate friends and family at face value. To swim, play tennis, socialize, read and picnic.

We’re open Memorial Day through Labor Day. So your schedule and mindset reflect that, just as our membership fees do. We put a premium on our time here.

This is the club with a tangible difference, after all - the alternative country club. Our core strengths are:

  • 120-plus-year history, proud heritage, old-world values, uncommon civility

  • Beautiful 25-acre natural setting, with absolute privacy

  • Well-maintained pool, courts, club house, grounds

  • Friendly and respectful membership

  • Total lack of pretense

  • Great suburban-Philadelphia location

Some Penllyn Club members may belong to another Country Club where they enjoy endless amenities…year round…in a more formal setting…at substantial cost. But they choose to belong to Penllyn as well, for the calm, and value, it offers.

We hope you’ll visit to see for yourself. We welcome you into our midst.





Penllyn from 1897-1971
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Penllyn's 1900 Charter
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Penllyn's Past Presidents
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At Penllyn it truly doesn't matter...

Where you live or went to school, what your profession and credentials are, how you vote or worship, or who you know. It only matters that you like the dynamic you see here and enjoy the club’s ambience. So come, anytime, and have a look.

You may arrive from an immediate neighborhood…or perhaps Fort Washington, Blue Bell, Plymouth Meeting…many hail from Chestnut Hill, Wyndmoor, Mt. Airy…the Main Line is well represented…and many escape the sticky city for a Penllyn recharge.

Perhaps you play traditional tennis and/or platform (paddle) tennis. So do we. And if you’re into paddle, you’ll be visiting regularly throughout the winter as well, an added benefit.

You like to swim? Terrific. Our regulation-size pool is open long hours all summer, with cooler water than the norm and a couple lanes dedicated to lap swimming.

So your family enjoys picnicking? Your picnic is our dining room—with no monthly minimum. Weekday evenings and weekend afternoons are most popular, but you may have your own ideas. Grills and fridges are at the ready, BYOB is the golden rule, and you may sign up for soft drinks, bottled water and the guests with whom you share Penllyn.

The rest is up to you. Take a few laps around the huge golf-polo-manned glider field of yesterday. Bring your bocce set, Frisbee, ball (and glove), kite or chess board. Immerse yourself in a spy thriller…or even a quick power nap. Be yourself, and relearn relaxation, at Penllyn.




let's talk.

If you think it’s time for some quiet enjoyment, joining Penllyn’s commitment to civility may be right for your family. We welcome you. For more on the membership application process, or to request information about the Penllyn Club, simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page or email


Penllyn Club is the ideal place for those seeking brief refuge from today’s interactive-everything world. The major interactivity you’ll find is with people and nature, not digital gadgets. Genuine old world face-to-face connectivity works best here.

The signature, enduring event is our July 4th midday picnic and kids’ field day. It’s the one time each summer you’ll see Penllyn truly mobbed, thanks in no small part perhaps to the Board of Governors-sponsored happy hour! On this day, everyone picnics, mingles, pledges allegiance and witnesses our age-grouped children joyously competing in events from a tricky egg-and-spoon race to a daring diving competition.

Each summer there’s a Daffodil Cocktail Party, a Summer Kick-off Social, a Labor Day Farewell event and a few relaxed Sunday afternoon teas. Tradition lives on at Penllyn in reassuring fashion.

Recreationally-athletically, the younger set enjoys a Life is Good Kids Triathlon Festival and occasional overnight camping activities. Meanwhile, their (grand)parents may engage in tamer pursuits such as round robin tennis tournaments.  

Out of season, Penllyn is a quaintly charmed site for spring and fall special event rentals as well—weddings, milestone birthdays, family reunions and “just because” gatherings.

The Club also hosts an active group of winter paddle tennis players and offers a limited membership for that purpose. Download an application ›


Once again, what a great Fourth it was at Penllyn

Yet another dazzling July 4th has come and gone at Penllyn. This annual celebration, when all ages join hands in the Club’s finest hour each summer, was breathtaking.

From midday cocktail hour (just this once!) to final, refreshing swim of the day…

From the Pledge of Allegiance by all to the games of physical skill by our young…

From perfect (if warm) temperatures to delicious picnics at dozens of tables…

From both sides of the river plus out of area plus out of state, so many came…

…to spend a most special summer day at a most familiar and friendly place.

Thanks for being part of the Fourth once again and part of Penllyn Club as always.


Recent court enhancements

Court-enhancements you should know about:

  • New net was installed (34 inches is the recommended height)

  • Screens have been tensioned to spec

  • Door latches have been replaced

  • Damaged snow/leaf removal doors have been repaired

  • Warming hut has new paint and carpet

Also, making a paddle or tennis court reservation is now much easier and more convenient – do it online:

  • Go to

  • Click on Member Login

  • Enter Password – swimclub (lower case, one word)

  • Penllyn Club Reservations (will appear at page top)

  • Click on the court of your choice

  • Click on the desired Date and Time Slot (if your desired time slot does not appear, it is already taken on that court)

  • Enter your Name, Email, and Phone Number

  • Confirm your information and click on Book My Appointment

Paddle and reservation-related questions should be directed to Bill Gast

Please remember to register all guests.  The sign-in book for paddle guests is located in the warming hut and the sign-in book for tennis guests is in the shelter box next to the entrance walkway.  Thanks.

Join Us

If you think it’s time for some quiet enjoyment, joining Penllyn’s commitment to civility may be right for your family. We welcome you.

For more on the membership application process, or to request information about the Penllyn Club, simply fill out the form below or email

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The Club sits on lovely open space in Lower Gwynedd Township, roughly equidistant between Ambler and Spring House, a few quick turns off Penllyn Pike.  It is easy to find yet well hidden, sociable yet quiet, energized yet relaxing.




The Penllyn Club
525 Gwynedd Avenue
Penllyn, PA19422